BP Pulse, Milton Keynes 

Quartet Design were approached to produce a detailed package of drawings for the new office, production and R&D facility for BP Pulse in Milton Keynes. 
The key element of the landscape proposal is the interface and relationship with the historic Linford Wood adjacent to the Site. In order to minimise the effect of the development a buffer zone was included to the boundary. This area included contouring embankments with earthworks and gabion baskets which is to be planted with local indigenous hedgerow species. This design approach with the
combination of mounding and tree planting will minimise any visual disturbance created by the development.
Within the site the landscape scheme will supplement the retained groups of trees and provides character to the building frontage. As well as the associated landscape design there are two designed courtyards which contract with the greys of the proposed building which will give an attractive and comfortable
courtyard space. 

Client: BP Pulse/ MKDP
Completed: May 2020
Role: Landscape Architects - Detailed Hard and Soft Landscape Package

Erdington Industrial Park, Birmingham

Quartet Design were approached by JLL on behalf of Hermes to produce a detailed landscape package for a new industrial unit in Erdington in Birmingham.
Quartet produced a landscape masterplan as well as detailed hard and soft
landscape plans as well as a Landscape and Ecological Maintenance Plan and associated specifications.
The scheme was located on a former industrial unit which had been demolished and is currently used as an over spill car park for the neighboring Jaguar Land Rover production facility. Within the proposed scheme there were areas of Attenuation and special emphasis was put onto creating a greater gain on biodiversity within the landscape as well as the building.

Client:  JPP/Hermes
Completed: Submitted to LCA in late 2019
Role: Landscape Architect - Detailed Hard and Soft Landscape Package

Integral Powertrain, Milton Keynes

Quartet Design were approached to produce a hard and soft landscape
package for a new production centre for Integral Powertrain in Milton
Keynes. The landscape design has been developed to respond to the Site
location and its proximity to the adjacent ancient Shenley Wood, together
with creating a setting for development and amenity for staff and visitors.
The proposals includes an area of protection to the adjacent wood which
includes a significant area of native woodland planting. This provides the
opportunity to protect the ancient woodland as well as a benefit to the local
biodiversity of the Site.
The scheme also provides character to the associated building creating
visual interest. 

Client: Integral Powertrain/MKDP
Completion: Soft Landscape implementation due to be completed March 2021
Role: Landscape Architect - Detail Hard and Soft Landscape Detail Package

Kamkorp Park, Cobham

Quartet Design were approached to produce a full landscape package for Kamkorp Park. The key design principles for the landscape scheme are to build on the distinct existing landscape character and the qualities of the site.
It is considered important to retain, protect and enhance the existing ‘English Parkland’ character that forms a significant area of the site, together with the more intimate landscape areas associated with the existing buildings and
areas of woodland. The landscape proposals will also ensure the integration of the new architectural elements into the landscape setting and surroundings.
As part of the detailed landscape proposals a landscape management plan was produced in conjunction with the ecologist to provide a long term management regime.
The landscape scheme has been developed in close association with the Design team and in particular the Ecological and Arboricultural Consultants to ensure maximum consideration to wildlife habitat and opportunities for ecological enhancement and added diversity, together with the retention of the existing valued tree population.

Client: Kamkorp Park
Competion: Submitted to the LPA in 2019
Role: Landscape Architects - Detailed Masterplans and Hard & Soft Landscape 
            Details in support of a full Planning Application

Kennel Club, Aylesbury

Quartet Design were approached to produce a detailed hard and soft landscape package for a new development within Aylesbury.
The development comprised of a courtyard for recreational purposes. Quartet designed an area suitable for the animals to exercise within a secure environment.
The surrounding landscape comprised of areas of indigenous planting to ensure boundary security. The frontage of the development contained a more formal planting design which complimented the architecture of the building.

Completion: 2018
Role:  Landscape Architects - Detailed Hard and Soft Landscape Package

Network Rail, Basingstoke

The entry area and building main entrance has been developed to achieve a cohesive design quality and sense of place. This has been achieved by a combination of distinct tree character and hard landscape design to create a clear identity and quality to this area.
The selection of Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ was made because of its distinct form. It is a tree that clearly reflects the seasons with spring flower, bright summer foliage, rich autumn colour as well as its tolerance to ground conditions and ease of long-term maintenance.

Client: Network Rail 
Competion: 2016
Role: Landscape Architects - Detailed Hard and Soft Tender Package & 12              Month Supervision

Niftylift Headquarters,
Milton Keynes

Quartet Design has been involved with the Niftlift Development in Milton
Keynes since 2012 and has produced detailed soft and hard landscape
schemes for the Site. The initial scheme involved the new headquarters
which included a large area of soft landscape to the west of the Site. This
area had large earth works which was planted with a native mix which
related to the adjacent historic Shenley Wood as well as the association of
the MK Red Way network.
From the master plan Quartet has also been involved with the construction
of the Crèche to the south west of the Site which involved detailed hard
and soft landscape package as well more recently an extension of the car
park at the frontage of the building.

Client: Niftylift
Completed: 2012-2020
Role:  Landscape Architects - Hard and Soft Landscape complete package of 
              works including supervision

Domino's Pizza, UK Headquarters 

The general aim of the landscape treatment in this area is to provide
enclosure and context to the development, as well as providing screening
of operational activities within the development and an attractive interface
with the adjacent development.
Large species of native trees have been used, which match the scale of the
development; create a linear wildlife-friendly environment linking the north
and south plantations, to facilitate biodiversity and nature conservation
gains. Shrub and tree species have been selected for their attraction to
wildlife as well as their amenity value. This planting will help to screen the
development as well as providing biodiversity and visual interest to the
users of the surrounding footpaths.

Client: Domino's Pizza
Completion:  2012
Role: Landscape Architects - Detailed Hard and Soft Landscape Package

Network Rail, Milton Keynes

The Quadrant -  Network Rail in Milton Keynes included soft and hard
detail design which formed banks, tree and shrub planting, grass seeding and
turfing, and stone gabions. The soft landscaping also encompassed the Internal planting. The site was previously the home of the national Hockey Stadium, which was demolished to make way for the new buildings & grounds. 
The design by Quartet Design took account of the warmer east side and the cooler west side of the site so the choosing of the plants was critical to its success. Other interesting items on this site were the construction of raised areas which were to be used by future employees to grow vegetables and was known as The Allotment Garden. Opposite this on the east side was a recreational space with benches etc. around planted areas sectioned using Buxus hedging all set at angles. The Taxus hedging was also used to add  definition and style to the entrance area.

Client: Network RailCompletion: 2013
Role: Landscape Architect - Detailed Hard and Soft Landscape Package with 

Witan Studios, Milton Keynes

Quartet Design were appointed produce designs for the refurbishment of an existing office block in Milton Keynes.
Quartet produced numerous sketch designs and presented these to the client which in turn asked Quartet to detail these designs up to construction.
Quartet were involved with the detailing of the outdoor landscape which now provides a well used courtyard space and is considered an asset to the office development.

Competed: 2018
Role: Landscape Architects - Production of design ideas & detailing Hard and                  Soft Landscape Package to tender

Foundary Place, Towcester

Quartet Design were approached to produce a soft landscape scheme for a small business park in Towcester. Restraints to the site were mainly the proximity of other surrounding buildings as well as Site Services. Quartet
produced an overall master plan which allowed for an overall connective green
finger which gave a greater emphasis in the soft landscape. This gives a greater visual attraction of the scheme as well as adding biodiversity value to
the Site.
Quartet proposed for native ‘fastigiate’ trees to run along the main access
roads which give identity as well as visual attraction. To the boundaries
native planting allowed the Site to be screened as well as providing addition
to any existing boundary vegetation. 

Completed: Spring 2020
Role: Landscape Architects - Detailed Hard and Soft drawings for planning and 

Apollo Technology Park, Wellingborough

Quartet were approached to produce a robust Soft Landscape Scheme for a
small new industrial use business park on the outskirts of Wellingborough in
The restraints Quartet had with the scheme was to ensure the visual impact of the development was restricted sufficiently. This element was achieve with the use of Native Hedges surrounding the Site and the use of trees where we could place the trees. A formal and attractive avenue was created at the entrance to welcome people to the business park which provides visual attraction as well as
important visual mitigation.
Completion: Autumn 2020
Role: Landscape Architects - Detailed Hard and Soft Landscape Scheme for 
             planning and for construction

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